Things to remember before booking your Bridal hair and makeup artist

Bridal hair and makeup artist

You’re engaged – Congratulations, you’ve got your date, booked your venue, you will now need to find the right team of people who can enhance your natural beauty, a radiant, glowing, mesmerizing polished version of yourself. The most essential thing for a bride along with her dress is her bridal hair and makeup, therefore it is important that you search around and shortlist the best bridal hair and makeup artist near you.


A professional hair and make up artist will provide you with a contract.  This is sent out when you would like to confirm the booking and will detail the terms and secure your date along with the receipt of a deposit.

Talk about your budget

If you’re planning to hire the services of a professional wedding hair and makeup artist then you need to decide a budget for the amount you are ready to spend.  Don’t forget to take into account travel costs for the artist for travel to your venue and return, it is a good idea to find a bridal hair and makeup artist local to the venue to save on your travel costs. It is advisable to decide on your budget before booking the appointment with any professional.  Don’t shop on price as an artist is priced due to industry standard, experience, products used, insurance, travel etc, asking them to ‘discount’ or ‘price match’ may not always be a favourable outcome

Additional services provided

Check out what additional services are provided by the wedding hair and makeup artist along with bridal makeup and hairstyling.  Some Brides like the artist to also visit the Groom on the morning of the wedding for male grooming.  Do you need a tattoo covering? does the artist provide this service?

Should you have a trial?

Some Brides like a trial prior to their wedding day, however if you are eloping this may not be possible for you, this is where pictures can be useful so the wedding hair and makeup artist can get an idea of how you would like your makeup and hair on your wedding day.  If you would like a trial then a good time to have this is 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day, this is a separate service so will be charged separate to your hair and make up on your wedding day.

Skin-Related Issues

Do you have any skin related issues or allergies? You may have are oily/dry skin or do suffer breakouts.  You may need a tattoo covering.  Is the weather going to be hot and humid at your chosen location? Your make up artist needs to know these things so she can plan out the products she will use on your wedding day for longevity.

These are just a few things you may have not thought about which you need to take into account when choosing your bridal hair and makeup artist.  Clare Pearson has been voted one of the best wedding hair and makeup artist in the UK, she has worked with a huge number of Brides having over two decades of experience in the field of bridal hair and makeup.