How to choose the best hairstylist for your wedding day?

wedding hair stylist

Your wedding day is here and as any bride would be, you are brimming with excitement. You want to look your best on this special day and would want to choose the best and latest style of hairstyle and makeup. Whether you decide to go for romantic waves or a sophisticated textured updo, your wedding hairstyle will set the tone for your final bridal look. As a bride there is certainly no shortage of hairstyles to choose from and as you will browse through the various pinterest images of styles, the number of options will surely confuse you and make things more difficult. A professional wedding hair stylist can help you choose the right hairstyle to suit your face shape and your dress.

Below are a few tips which can help make the selection of your wedding hairstyle simpler:

Your dress

The first step before finalizing the wedding hairstyle is to keep in mind the wedding dress. The neckline of your wedding dress needs to be considered while deciding how you should wear your hair on your wedding day. If your wedding dress exposes a more skin or has a plunging neckline, then you can try to use flowing waves in your hairstyle to highlight the softer side of you. If you have opted for a fully covered neckline with embroidery or embellishments, then you should consider wearing your hair high up so the embellishment can be visible and be focused on.

Scout and research for various hairstyles

By browsing through different wedding sites or photo galleries or by checking pictures from weddings of friends and family you can get to know a lot more about the different types of hairstyles and what are the latest trends associated with bridal hair and makeup. You may also like a hairdo sported by a celebrity at an event and would love to imitate it for your special day. Save all these pictures and show them to your wedding hair stylist, who can then help you choose which style will suit you the most and make you really look beautiful.

Opting for a hair trial

You will envision seeing yourself in a different hairstyles and how elegant you would look on your wedding day.  Have you previously worn your hair in any of these styles? do you know if they suit your face shape? what kind of hair accessories you should use for your hairstyle? Opting for a trial with your wedding hair stylist can help you actually see how certain hairstyles and accessories will look. Take the opinion of your stylist on the trial and take a final decision regarding the right hair style for your wedding day

Keep the weather in mind

There can be nothing worse than a harsh weather spoiling your looks on your special day. If you are getting married when you expect it to rain, it is advisable to decide on a hair style which can hold up even in the rainy weather.  Are you planning a summer wedding? Is your hair prone to frizziness? do you have fine hair? hence it is better to consult with your wedding hair stylist and decide on a style to suit your over all look that will suit you.

Your accessories

When you decide on your hairstyle, it is important to see how well it would work with your accessories. Are you planning to wear a veil? Certain types of accessories and veils look better with updos or hairstyles which hold the hair up, rather than flowing hair. It is better to discuss with your wedding hair stylist about the accessories you plan to wear, so she can guide you on the hair style accordingly and can recommend some hair accessories for you to wear on your wedding day.

Clare is a professional wedding hair stylist, having an experience of more than two decades in the field of hair care.  Clare has also been voted one of the 50 best wedding hair stylists in the UK and one of the top 5 in Scotland alone by GoHen