Getting The Perfect Bridal Make Up With The Perfect Bridal Make Up Artist

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Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life and you’re likely to have invested a lot of time and money on a high-end photographer so you’ll probably want to look your absolute best in your photographs as well; therefore, a Professional Make-Up Artist is a godsend, but how do you go about finding the right one? Let me give you the answer to that.

In my opinion, the best bridal makeup is simply the most exquisitely polished version of how the bride usually looks capturing her personal style and enhancing her natural beauty. When working with a bride I focus on the most important elements of the look, such as beautifully natural looking skin, softly groomed brows and feathery lashes. If you get these basic factors right the rest of your makeup will fall into place.

Most wedding photography is done in natural light so the artist also needs to make sure your t-zone is matt which can be achieved by using blotting powders and translucent powders as often in flash photography your skin can look very shiny in these areas. I also stay away from powders that have silica in them as they can cause flashback in your wedding photos. My favourite powder has to be Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder I have a pot of this in every bag I travel with.

Foundation is meant to look like skin, even out skin tone and not look cakey therefore the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation does the trick for me. It’s a luxurious oil-free hydration lightweight foundation which can be built to fuller coverage and lasts all day. My Brides and Mothers of the Bride love it.

I also stay away from foundation that has Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide or any SPF in it as it will reflect and the flash photography will make you look ghostly white in your photos. But your face cannot appear too matt as it will start to look dull and one dimensional. An experienced Bridal Makeup Artist will know what products to use as too much glow will not photograph well and can look oily instead of radiant but your bridal artist will achieve the right balance making your make up look fresh and bright carefully enhancing your features with the right amount of glow.

Depending on the style of your dress your make up should extend down your neck and over your shoulders, this will ensure you face is not a different colour or texture to your body, everything needs to look uniform to create the most natural look possible and a hint of highlight on your shoulders will give you beautiful glowing healthy skin.

It’s a myth that wedding make up has to be heavier for photos and I like to avoid going too dark on the eyes but with the correct definition and by adding a darker colour in your crease as well as adding a colour to compliment your eye colour will really define your eyes making them pop. Adding light contouring to draw back any unflattering areas of the face and highlighting your best features can make for amazing bridal photos.

For lipstick I like to use a moisturising satin finish as this kind of formula will keep your lips hydrated and looking their best and will wear off the most evenly and naturally. A few thin layers, blotted between applications will give the most long-lasting finish. I love Bobbi Brown lipsticks as these are perfect for bridal looks.

How to book your make up artist

Remember your wedding photos are to last a lifetime so it is important to choose the right artist for you for your big day. Not everyone has the same face shape or the same taste, so what suits your maid of honour may not suit you. No two artists are the same and some specialize in specific areas of the industry so finding an artist that has a broad range of work may suit you better and don’t limit your expectations thinking an artist can only do one thing.

Don’t shop on price as an artist is priced due to industry standard, experience, products used, insurance, travel etc, asking them to ‘discount’ or ‘price match’ may not always be a favourable outcome. I use high-end skin care and makeup products in my bridal kit such as Giorgio Armani, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Hourglass and Becca etc so my prices also reflect this.

Upon the first contact with your artist make sure you give all the necessary information like date, numbers and location as this can avoid emails going to and fro. Your artist will then able to advise from her first reply to you whether or not she is available and if not she may be able to pass you onto an experienced colleague who has a similar style to hers.

Your Trial

Your trial should be booked roughly 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding.

You should start with a consultation where the artist will check for skin sensitivities and any allergies you may have. Bring any references with you i.e. photographs of makeup you like and your artist will identify what it is about the makeup in the photos you like. If you like a Kim Kardashian style makeup but have the skin colour of Nicole Kidman then this will not necessarily translate on you. If you plan on wearing a tan on your big day then this will be the best time for a trial run with that too.

It is very important you look after your skin leading up to your wedding and after assessing your skin type and any skin problems which you may have your make up artist should recommend a skin care regime leading up to your wedding to ensure your make up looks absolutely stunning on the day.

After your trial, your makeup artist will document all products used and the technique and complete a face chart to then enable me to recreate the look on your wedding day – this is certainly something I do to ensure efficiency on the big day.

Your personal hair and makeup artist will work with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Whether you prefer a look that is soft and romantic or sophisticated and elegant, their aim is to make you look and feel truly sensational on your special day; like you’re the only girl in the world.