DIY bridal makeup with Clare Pearson

Diy Bridal Makeup

Is it OK to do your own DIY Bridal Makeup?

Generally, it is recommended that a bride should get her wedding hair and makeup was done by a professional bridal makeup artist, primarily because there is so much going around on that day so getting someone else to work on the wedding hair and makeup will just help lighten the load and help keep the bride’s mind of one thing.

A professional knows that the wedding day is the most photographed day of a bride’s life and having an impeccable, camera-friendly makeup is very important so she can give the best tips for a natural wedding makeup look.

However, if the thought of people hovering around you as you anxiously wait for the most important and stressful day of your life makes you paranoid and uncomfortable, then doing your own bridal makeup is the best solution.

Losing the entourage can help make the atmosphere relaxing and comfortable, but remember it is very easy to get the whole DIY bridal makeup thing wrong.

The wedding photos are a lifetime memory and if you want to look your best for the special day, you need to ensure you have impeccable, smudge-free, camera-friendly make-up.

Professional wedding hairstylist and makeup artist Clare Pearson have shared some of her secrets for flawless DIY bridal makeup which lasts long and is camera friendly.

Tips for DIY bridal makeup:

While doing your own makeup for the wedding, the first question that comes in mind is how is bridal makeup different from the regular makeup one does?

The wedding day is the most special day of a bride’s life; she is the focus of everyone’s attention. Therefore it is very important to ensure her wedding hair and makeup make her look the best.

With DIY bridal makeup, it is important to consider the weather and the location of the wedding venue, before deciding the makeup products.

On a special day, it is important for the bride to feel like her own self but the look needs to be a bit more glamorous or pumped up as she is going to be the focus of everyone’s attention.

It is advisable not to be too experimentative and wade away too much from the regular style and look, just try to accentuate it a bit more.

If you already have good quality makeup products that match your skin tone and give a flawless picture-perfect finish, you do not need to invest in new makeup products.

Use the same products which you are comfortable using and which your skin is accustomed to.

Whether you are purchasing new makeup products or planning to use the ones you have already, you need to ensure that all your makeup products are long-lasting and waterproof.

Generally, brides get ready in the morning and have to stay in the same makeup and outfit till the end of the event or function. To ensure the makeup stays in place through the sweat, tears, and hugs is to use products that are designed to last.

Do not choose products which are high-definition or containing SPF, these products may end up making your face look too white in the photos.

You can use HD powders and anti-aging concealer but they should be used in very little quantity. Using even a bit extra of these products will make your face look ghostly pale under camera flashlights.

 If you have an outdoor wedding, then you can use products with SPF, but you need to ensure that the product does not leave behind an ashy or bluish tone on your skin. Try avoiding SPF products if possible to avoid any makeup disasters.

Do not forget to do makeup trials before the actual day. Practice the makeup finish and style you want for your wedding day. Do not forget to take photos of the makeup under different lighting like natural, candlelight, etc.

You need to ensure that the makeup looks good on your face and also in the pictures; it should not look patchy and cakey in the photos.

Blending is the mantra for a flawless makeup look. The biggest mistake a bride can do while doing her own makeup is not blending the makeup well enough. It is important to blend the foundation past the jawlines and down to the neck and the chest area.

One cannot end up having a face which is five shades lighter than the body color; it will surely ruin all the photos. Also ensure there are no harsh lines from foundation or contouring on the face, otherwise you will look overdone.

Use a setting spray once the makeup is done to keep it in place for longer hours.

Keep aside at least one and hours to your makeup for the special day. Don’t try to rush yourself, this may end up spoiling the makeup and you may not get the required effect and look.

Do your make-up before wearing the wedding gown, to avoid spilling anything on it. Cover your face carefully, so that the dress is not stained while wearing it.

Also, it is recommended to do the hair first so they can set well until your makeup is completed.

How to Apply Makeup? What are the steps for DIY Bridal Makeup?

Step 1 – Primer:

Use a lightweight moisturizer with an inbuilt primer on your skin. Give the primer a minute to be absorbed completely by the skin before starting the makeup application. 

Step 2 – Foundation:

Choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin shade and skin type. If you have oily skin, avoid using foundations that promise a dewy finish. If you have dry skin, avoid the matte formula.

A silky matte finish foundation will stay all day long and will make the pictures look beautiful. Do not go choose a foundation with SPF as SPF products tend to reflect the flashlights, resulting in a very white pale look in the photos.

Step 3 – Powder:

Using a Powder is a must, go for a fine milled translucent formula which will help in setting the make-up and to blur the fine lines and pores on the skin.

Step 4 – Blusher:

Choose the type of blusher based on your skin type. For oily skin, a powder-based blusher is advisable, whereas for dry skin you can go for a cream-based blusher.

While applying the blusher should always be placed on the high apple of the cheek which is the fullest part when you smile. The blush should never be applied very close to the nose area and should never go past the eyebrow.

Step 5 – Contouring:

Similar to blusher, while using a highlighter or a bronzer go for a powder-based product if you have oily skin and a cream-based product for dry skin.

Step 6 – Eyebrows:

Your eyebrows should look naturally full with a well define-shaped. A precision pencil can be used to fill in areas of sparseness in the eyebrows.

.Step 7 – Eyes:

False lashes can accentuate a bride’s look beautifully. Go for false eyelashes and use gel eyeliner and tubular mascara to keep the eye make-up completely tear-proof.

Step 8 – Lips:

Shades of nude rose or pink are ideal for bridal makeup.  Go for a long-wear lip liner or lipstick which will keep the color on even after the big kiss.

About Clare Pearson

Clare Pearson is a multi-award-winning wedding hair and makeup artist who has more than two decades of experience in the field of bridal hair and makeup.

Clare is one of the best wedding makeup artists in Glasgow, who has worked with hundreds of brides making them look beautiful and stunning on the most special day of their lives.

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